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This is us

The purpose of our existence is to make your life better, purposeful, and positive. We give you something to look forward to. We inform, educate, entertain and connect you with your world – bring you closer to the people, places, aspirations, hopes and dreams that matter to you. In true Namibian style, we work hard to be accessible, honest, authentic, friendly, arty and a voice for the community.

We wear many jackets. We are partly a commercial TV channel that creates and produces our own unique content. We also offer bespoke value add solutions to our clients and stakeholders. We commission and curate our content. We mostly identify as a community TV channel. Large parts of our product offering are defined by telling good stories and sharing life changing community stories. We broadcast a variety of content which includes actuality, news, sport, agriculture, educational, comedy, music, variety show, tourism, and other topical and relevant content. Our heartbeat is topical, relevant, fresh, and focused on interrogating the world around us. Our aim is to drive positive change through our activities and engagements.