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Submission Guidelines


Upload specs: 

  • Maximum upload: 2GB per video

  • Please submit your video in the best possible quality, 720x576 / 1280x720 or 1920x1080 

  • Resolution at 25 frames per second (fps) 48khz, 16bit Audio)

  • Videos to be delivered in the following formats: Quicktime, AVI Uncompressed,mp4 / H.264.

  • The audio levels should generally "peak" at -8db to -6db so that they are not too loud or too soft for the viewers.

Please make sure your video has: 

  •  A signed release form 

  • NASCAM Registration

  • Clear and good quality sound.

  • Ensure your music video is original and doesn’t contain 3rd party copyrighted material

  • Photosensitivity and epilepsy.  Don’t use strobe effects continuously throughout and this is associated with

  • Please don't use our logo or any other companies logos in your video (Branding)

One Africa reserves the right to not broadcast videos found with the following:


  • Incorrect delivery format (not 25 frames per second, resolution lower than 720 x 576)

  • Video quality poor

  • Audio quality poor

Content depicting:

  • The use of Alcohol

  • Tobacco products (Smoking)

  • Unsuitable Behaviour (nudity, sex, violence)

  • Language (Use of profanity)


Alternatively, videos can be submitted physically on a memory stick at our offices by informing reception that you wish to deliver a music video. Please make sure you sign the broadcast licence form before leaving our office.