July 7, 2021 - TribeFire Studios Appoints new Head of Production

Sebastian Gowaseb, a long standing team member of One Africa TV, joins the

Executive Team as Head of Production.

Picture: Sebastian Gowaseb
Picture: TribeFire Studios Executive Team (left to right) Kevin de Klerk, Zenobia Bruwer, Taleni Shimhopileni, Stefan Hugo, Zellmari Brandt & Sebastian Gowaseb.

Sebastian joined One Africa TV, a subsidiary of TribeFire Studios, in 2009, as Production Assistant. He worked his way up in the organisation and joined the executive team at TribeFire Studios on 1 July 2021. Sebastian holds a Bachelors in Journalism and Media Technology and an Honours in Communications from the Namibian University of Science and Technology. He is a seasoned editor, animator and graphic designer. Sebastian takes over leading the team from Jaco Jansen van Rensburg. While celebrating Sebastian’s appointment, we also thank Jaco who has coached Sebby as his understudy and contributed greatly to TribeFire Studios’ journey since his appointment in 2019.

“Our purpose at TribeFire Studios is to fire up minds for positive change. Sebby is a skilled Namibian and passionate leader, who also believes in using media as a force for good. I am very excited about his future and impact in this new role “ - says Stefan Hugo, CEO of TribeFire Studios.

Ms Taleni Shimhopileni , a director of One Africa TV says “I am very proud to have a long serving, competent leader join the executive team and continue to help implement the vision of TribeFire Studios for Namibia and Africa.” Sebastian Gowaseb has a passion for media and is excited to take on this leadership role. “I am very honoured and delighted at the same time to have been granted an opportunity of a lifetime to inspire, share ideas and collaborate with a group of young people who are hungry about telling their unique African stories. I am fired up to further grow the TribeFire Studios production unit as a hub of creative solutions, skilled content producers and authentic storytellers.”

The team also expressed their delight with Sebastian’s appointment as they have worked alongside him over the years. Maggy Forcelledo Paz, News Editor of #TodayOnOne says: “It's an absolute pleasure working with Sebastian. He is very professional, hard working, a problem solver and an excellent communicator. Working with him for the past 4 years and now having the opportunity to work more closely with him, has been and will continue to be an honour. I would like to wish him all the best in his new position!"


Contacts for queries: contact@tribefirestudios.com or

Taleni Shimhopileni, Director OATV & TribeFire Studios | taleni@oneafrica.tv | +264 61 383 450

Stefan Hugo, CEO TribeFire Studios | stefan@tribefirestudios.com | +264 61 383 450

Sebastian Gowaseb, Head of Production | sebastian@oneafrica.tv | +264 61 383 450

Maggie Forceledo, Managing Producer #TodayOnOne | maggie@oneafrica.tv | +264 81 670 5227

Kevin de Klerk, Client Relationship Manager | advertise@triebfirestudios.com | +264 81 289 9000]


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