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In a time of uncertainty, false news and fear

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While the world scrambles to make new sense

While the experts turn around in circles 

Trying to find their way back to tomorrow

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When classrooms become empty cathedrals 

And the trees start to bear answers

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Until every parent is a teacher 

And every teacher is a mentor


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Until you cross the boundaries of your mind

Until you grow eyes and sprout wings


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A growing success in Namibia's educational television landscape

One Africa TV introduced #LearnOnOne on 13 April 2020 during the country’s lockdown period when uncertainty faced the education of children across the country.

Since then, #LearnOnOne has continued to enable Namibian children and adults to #LearnON, by accessing extra classes during daytime on One Africa TV’s widely accessible platform. The platform empowers learners through:

  • Free extra classes

  • Access to educational material and 

  • On-demand learning

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Neuroscience indicates that the first 7 years of brain development is one of the most critical phases in human development and is an opportunity to create healthy foundations for the journey of lifelong learning. 

#LearnOnOne provides interactive, fun and engaging ECD programmes for children aged between 2 - 6 and beyond with topics ranging from numeracy, letters, drawing, English and social skills.

Primary School

Primary School material on #LearnOnOne features English, Science and Maths lessons for Grade 0 - 7 learners, which air from Mondays to Fridays, in the mornings with afternoon repeats. 

Secondary School

#LearnOnOne helps to prepare learners for the world with exciting Secondary School lessons that include Maths, Physical Science, English and Economics.


Broadcast Timetables

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Generic Time Table

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13 - 17 Dec
13 - 17 Dec

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Jan. 2021 soon
Jan. 2021 soon

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Generic Time Table

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Content Partners

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Sponsor Information

Be part of the education movement in Namibia. #LearnOnOne is a not for profit subsidiary of One Africa TV, funded by advertising, sponsorships and financial support from partners who believe in the power of education.

Sponsors will be acknowledged on lesson opening and closing billboards.

Kindly complete the form below and we will get in contact with you. 

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