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Cars & Gears is a weekly motor show with a twist. Everything and anything with a wheel or gear will be explored. Join our presenters as they test drive cars, bring you the latest deals in automative, experience the best off-roading Namibia has to offer and even test-fly an airplane. This series starts in December 2022.

Season 2 Coming Soon!


A family is at war over the inheritance of a Multibillion Dollar Company Known as ‘Meat Expo’. After the death of Meat Expo’s founder Mr. Henry Kamati, there is chaos and deception amongst his family and all others affected by his last Will and Testament. 

Mr. Kamati was a self-made Millionaire who started off as a young Cattle Farmer and he made his fortune through exporting quality Namibian beef internationally. His loss was a great loss to the Namibian Nation but more so his family.

Mr. Kamati’s Will and Testament declared his Son Michael Kamati takes ownership of Meat Expo. Michael Kamati is the second Born Son of Mr. Kamati with Maureen Jacobs who happens to be the ‘Love of his Life’. 


Mrs. Annely Kamati, Wife of Mr. Kamati discovered the Last Will and Testament and forges it in favour of her Son Thomas Kamati, the first born son of Henry Kamati.

Namflix is a weekly program that features Namibian-produced short and feature films. The Namflix program specifically showcases a series of Namibian-produced short stories and original full-length movies. OneAfrica recently collaborated with the Namibian Film Commission on the Kino Project where the youth was invited to produce a short film in 48 hours. The short films that performed the best during the Kino Project will be included in the Namflix series. 

New on One

A bromance brews in the desert


Lazarus Jacobs and his best frenemy, Neville Basson, are coming to terms with their 30 year friendship, greying beards, and what it means to be Namibian while travelling across our beautiful country. Supported by the Gondwana Collection, this locally produced series takes us on a hilarious journey with Namibia’s grumpiest bromance. 


This season, Neville finds a photo of his father playing drums with a group of musicians while Laz connects with King Nehale over a totem. The two share early life experience of growing up in a gemengde gemeente and the unifying power of comedy and humour. Lazarus explained why he has been drawn to political satire all these years; it’s a “reconciliation of paradox”. Learn something interesting about Namibia while having a laugh with your bestie.

INTRODUCING… The Tribe 2.0!

This celebrated and respected Namibian music platform exclusive to One Africa, was created to unite Namibian and African musical stories, and NOW, offers FANS a brand new musical experience!

With its exciting NEW set, YOU will be treated to more exclusive Namibian and intercontinental interviews with YOUR favorite musicians, on-set DJ’s and ‘flaming’ in-studio performances .

The Tribe 2.0 showcases Namibian and African talent and potential while simultaneously creating exciting content for both radio and television broadcast in Namibia where the show is based, but also beyond her borders through digital as well as social media platforms. 

The Tribe 2.0! It's an experience!