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What you need to register

Every decade – Namibian Citizens, 18 years and older, are required to register for a new voter’s roll. This then enables them to take part in the National General Elections . This year – a brand new system is being implemented and One Africa Television has been asked by the Electoral Commission of Namibia to aid with the education of voters. So if you are thinking of registering, here’s your step by step guide!!!! 

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For Presidential, National Assembly and Regional Councils Elections

You can register using:

    •  A new OR old Namibian ID

New Namibian ID    Old Namibian ID

    • OR valid GREEN Namibian passport

Green Namibian Passport


You don’t have any of these? 

Well, you can also bring:

A Namibian Birth Certificate PLUS a new Namibian Driver’s License

Old Namibian ID


A Namibian Birth Certificate PLUS two registered voters who know you

Old Namibian ID   deponents

BORN OUTSIDE NAMIBIA and have an old Namibian ID?

Use your Citizenship Certificate PLUS your old Namibian ID

Citizen Certificate


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