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By: Gonkenda Isai Sipunga
Lesbians from all over Namibia are gathering in Windhoek this week, to celebrate their sexuality.
The group is currently attending a week-long workshop where they are discussing challenges they face on a daily basis. The workshop will be followed by a first of its kind Lesbian Festival, celebrating their sexuality through various art forms. One of the biggest issues that lesbians face but hardly speak about is corrective rape. A hate crime in which one or more people are raped because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Musician and poet, LIena Nerenge from Otjiwarongo shared her story with us. Florence Khaxas hopes that the lesbian festival will send a strong message to the rest of Namibia.
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One Exclusive. By: Joseph Buchter Sheefeni
Over the course of last year, 2000 cases of gender-based violence were reported to the Namibian Police.
Rape stood at the top with a thousand cases.
Gender-based violence has become a serious problem in Namibia, it has left many families traumatized following the loss of loved ones. Apart from stakeholders such as the law enforcement, government, and civil society organizations, the religious community too are to playing a role in supporting the prevention of this phenomena. One of the religious organizations that is at the forefront of bringing about societal change is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia.
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OATV VIEWER EXCLUSIVE: Ombepo Wind Farm Project Documentary

The Lüderitz skyline is forever changed!

Tune in to your favorite channel for a homegrown documentary on Namibia's historic
first of its kind wind farm project.

Watch this massive engineering feat unfold in-front of your eyes from start to
finish, only on One Africa Television. Tune in on the 26th of November @ 18h00-18h30.
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