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Frequently Asked Questions


Why is One Africa Television the largest commercial advertising medium in the country? 

According to Media Metrics 2015 (a national survey conducted by Vision Africa every year), One Africa Television offers advertisers the biggest audience impression per minute compared to all other media in the country. One Africa Television is available country wide on all the licensed digital platforms.

What type of exposure will I receive if I advertise with One Africa Television?

Because of our large urban footprint, we communicate your products and services to a large consumer-base that has access to disposable income. Our viewers are young and educated – making them more equipped for informed purchase decisions

Is One Africa Television available on any DSTV bouquet?  

One Africa Television is available on all Multi-Choice packages in Namibia: GoTV (Channel 90) and DSTV Namibia (Channel 284). One Africa Television is also available for free, on the national NBC DTT (Channel 301) platform.

Can you make advertisements for advertisers? 

We have a professional production team that can conceptualize ideas and create classic and graphic ads. We also have a fully-equipped studio to execute all your exotic ideas!

Is One Africa Television affiliated to a political party? 

We are a commercial broadcaster with no affiliation to any political party. One Africa Television defends a healthy democracy and upholds freedom of expression, as stated in the Constitution of Namibia.

Who funds One Africa Television? 

We receive our revenue solely from advertising. We receive no state subsidies or licensing fees.


Is One Africa Television free or do I need to pay a subscription fee? 

We are a free-to-air station. You do not need to pay a subscription fee or license fee. You do not pay extra to receive One Africa on any subscription television service. Simply tune in and watch!

What do I need in order to watch One Africa Television? 

You can watch One Africa Television by subscribing to Multi-Choice Namibia’s GoTV (Channel 90) and DSTV Namibia (Channel 284). With the recent national digital television migration, you can also watch us with your NBC DDT decoder along with all the other local broadcast stations! 

Do you support local music? 

We currently allow local musicians to share their music videos with the public, which we will air – free of charge! Musicians and music producers can alternatively submit their videos through Yo! Music Video Countdown.

How do I send news tips to One Africa Television? 

Community members are encouraged to send their tips to the editor at: 0856211263, or by e-mailing news@oneafrica.tv. All tip-offs will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.



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