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How One Africa Television empowered me

by: Anton Mbinge

I’ve now been at One Africa TV for just a month as an intern, and it has really helped me grow and strengthen my resolve to work in the media.

I am a senior communication student at Polytechnic of Namibia, which has now transformed into Namibia University of Science and Technology.

I always had passion and great interest for media, the sentiment of exploring the nation and reaching the main corners of the country to gather news and interesting stories for the public has always been my dream, which is why I decided to take up an internship at One Africa TV as a news and television production.

I have put all the theory I have learnt into practice, now I have a greater understanding of the practicalities of being a writer, a journalist or any other media professional. These skills helped me compile a very good news story, since it was my first time ever doing something new for the masses out there, it turned out well.

Being good at public speaking and having a very flexible outlook on life, made it very easy for me to cope with people within the industry. These people of course have different background and dissimilar cultural practices. it is not an easy task to handle but once you believe, when you are determined and focus on what you believe is a means to your future, then nothing is impossible.

After I started my journey at One Africa Television as an intern for news and television production I developed the ability to view things from broader angles and also learned to critically analyze situations, further more they have taught me new ways of doing things.

I have also effectively familiarized myself with new media under the supervision of Miss Alna Dall, a very kind, helpful, supportive and down to earth person. My work is quite smooth, but it is a bit challenging in some instances, because I am asked to do new stuff that I only have theoretical knowledge of.

I have met totally different people and joined a vivacious family, my stay at One Africa TV Is quite a great and new experience and have made a vital contribution to who I am now. I feel it has been a great step toward determining my own bright future.

I’m looking forward to many more exposure and experience yet to come and I really can’t wait for year.

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