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Co-founder of One Africa Television, Waldheim Shiluwa explains how One Africa Television will be bigger and better once Namibia has completed it process toward  Digitisation


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The Republic of Namibia has committed itself to providing digital terrestrial television (DTT)  to the country inline with international broadcast goals set by  The International Telecommunications Union (a specialised agency of the United Nations). We spoke to Waldheim Shiluwa, Sales Executive at One Africa Television,  about the station’s role in the DTT process.

To those of us who don’t know the technical jargon, could you briefly explain what DTT is? 

It is very difficult to simplify it for the man on the street, but basically DTT gives you more for less! We used to need a transmitter for every broadcast signal. DTT makes it easier for us because we can now broadcast a number of signals with one transmitter. This signal is captured by your “settop box” and decoded so that you can receive a number of channels on one decoder without the need of an antenna!

What is One Africa Television’s role in the DTT transformation? 

The DTT National Forum consists of MICT, CRAN, NBC, One Africa Television, MISA Namibia, MultiChoice Namibia, and TBN. The NBC was tasked with being the national common carrier to provide multiplexing and signal distribution to any requesting broadcasting service licensee. One Africa Television, along with other members of the forum, has been tasked with reviewing the policy documents and process for the migration. It is important to note that this process involves ALL broadcasters despite being spear-headed by the NBC.

What are the benefits of DTT for the viewer? 

The viewer will now be able to watch ALL, her favourite Namibian channels from ONE decoder/settop box. She won’t have to worry about adjusting her antenna for various signals and the overall picture and sound quality will be much, much better!

What are the benefits for the advertiser? 

More people get to see your advertisements on One Africa Television. Due to the migration to DTT, the broadcaster was discouraged from further investing in building transmitters, a costly exercise, in all regions of Namibia. With DTT roll-out, we will drastically be expanding our footprint to other rural areas as well! So in a nutshell – you will get more for you advertising buck from the country’s largest commercial advertising medium!

When will DTT happen? 

DTT is a phased process. Once everything has been tried and tested, it is up to the Minister of Information and Technology to consult with CRAN about the date of the DTT “switch-on”.

Any last words on DTT? 

We are incredibly excited about what DTT will mean for the future of broadcast television in Namibia. We believe that it will even the playing-field for all the free-to-air broadcasters and it will provide us all with healthy competition. We are glad that we can now give our viewers even more than before!

Join the revolution and go digital by getting your national DTT Settop Box!

  • Windhoek: Pick ’n Pay Khomasdal, Pick ’n Pay Katutura, Mobipay Wernhill Park 
  • Swakopmund: NBC 
  • Oshakati: Mobipay offices 


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