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Fun Fair Factory Fans

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MultiChoice Namibia’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Lizette Foot, with Namibian media delegates Selma Neshiko, Treza Cooper, Netumbo “Mickey” Nekomba, Willem Snyman and Gordon Joseph

(Photo courtesy of MultiChoice Africa)

  • The Mauritius Chronicles –

The colorful card said: “Find your inner child and come join in the adventures.”

It was late afternoon on Thursday, September 3rd. It had been a long day, and the promise of some fun and a sundowner later sounded fab!

Some of my most memorable TV experiences was as a youngster, and I have fond memories of getting up super-super-early on Saturday’s to watch cartoons, so I was keen to see what the invite from Cartoon Network and Boomerang, part of Turner Broadcasting and well-known for their good quality kids programming, was going to turn up on the sunny and hot afternoon in Mauritius.

What we found was as colorful and fun as the invitation. Together the two franchises had created cartoon character themed challenges based on their content, which took the African delegates on a ride back to childhood.

Devided into teams, the 86 media guests tested their Britishness with Mr Bean, joined the brotherhood of the three We Bear Bears, explored a parallel universe with Jake and Finn and braved the science fiction world with Ben10.

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Competition heats up in the We Bare Bears challenge

(Photo courtesy of MultiChoice Africa)

The MultiChoice Africa Content Showcase however not only provides the media from Africa with a unique opportunity to experience DStv channels first-hand, but it also serves as a platform where those channels have an opportunity to provide feedback about their involvement on the continent to Africans.

Cartoon Network celebrated its 10th and last year of Animation Generation, an exciting, nationwide initiative, in South Africa this year. A media release issued at the Content Showcase Extravaganza stated that the competition in partnership with Pick ‘n Pay School club, aims to harness the passion for creativity of Cartoon Network enthusiasts in schools across South Africa, to in the end contribute something back to communities in which Cartoon Network operates.

For their tenth and last Supersized and ‘hero-fied’ drawing competition, Animation Generation in South Africa kicked off a full 360 campaign, which included field activations as well as on-air promotions with footage from the various schools, a dedicated website, social media promotion and various print and radio partnerships. In total the campaign reached a 1 725 000 learners between the ages of six and 14 across South Africa, 73,150 educators and 2300 primary schools, to promote the art of illustration and encourage imaginative creativity.

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Pierre Branco (far right) the Vice President of Southern Europe and Africa for Turner Broadcasting System. living his brand

(Photo courtesy of MultiChoice Africa)

Every child has a cartoon figure, which they admire, look up to, and aspire to be, so why not, as a child, use your imagination to design and invent your very own; this was exactly the thought process, behind this year’s Animation Generation theme. In 2015 our message to the youth was to adopt heroic behavior, by being a helpful civilian and generous towards others,” says Pierre Branco, the Vice President Southern Europe and Africa for Turner Broadcasting System.

So what’s next for Cartoon Network? It ahs now been revealed that in their continued search for the next generation of talent, the channel is working on – Cartoon Network Imagination Studios – a specially-created online destination aimed at inspiring and celebrating the imagination and creativity of kids.

The brand new initative is expected to be on Africa’s doorstep in 2016.

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