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Beauty and “Beasts” of MultiChoice SuperSport

Carol Tshabalala

Anchor Carol Tshabalala, turning heads at the SuperSport Roundtable discussions
(Photo courtesy of MultiChoice Africa)

– The Mauritius Chronicles –

If you are not a huge sports fan, the beautiful and talented SuperSport anchor, Carol Tshabalala, has the ability to entice you to become one.

This anchor knows her stuff, a fact that became clear as she effortlessly navigated the SuperSport Media Roundtable discussions late Wednesday afternoon at the MultiChoice Africa Content Showcase.

SuperSport wants to make a difference, and it’s a fierce beast when it comes to making continental investments aimed at yielding benefits for sport in Africa . “It’s important to upskill continental sports broadcasting talent. The understanding works its way into their DNA – and it shows in the results that our viewers see on- screen” said Production Head, Alvin Naicker, at the event.

As the biggest contributor in Africa to sport, SuperSport has yielded impressive results, said Marketing Head, Graeme Murray. “In 2006 we flew a crew of 26 people to Abudja to broadcast a football game. Today, we’re proud to say that we have 100% local crews operating our facilities in Nigeria and Ghana”.

Murray cited the broadcaster’s involvement in local football leagues as a prime example of the way sport has grown on the continent. “We started working with the Nigerian Premier League in 2006 and it’s gone from strength to strength,” he said. “We progressed to the Nigerian Super Eagles’ League and the Nigerian Basketball league, both of which are doing better than ever. We’ve been partners with the Kenyan Premier League since 2008 and the Ghanaian League since 2012. Not one Kenyan league game had been broadcast on television for a decade before we partnered with them, and look at how the league is thriving.”


Anthony Baffoe

special guest Anthony Baffoe, a former Ghana International footballer turned FIFA and CAF General Co-ordinator

SuperSport’s special guest and former international footballer, Anthony Baffoe, who is now FIFA and CAF’s General Co-ordinator, added that SuperSport’s contribution has extended beyond broadcasting, into increasing levels of professionalism in leagues across the continent. “SuperSport laid the foundation in club licensing, upskilling the administrators, setting basic standards at the stadiums – and they’ve even assisted with setting up the Players’ Union, making players stakeholders in the leagues and allowing them to plan for life outside football,” he said.

SuperSport recently concluded a deal with the Zambian League which will see league and cup competitions continue to air on SuperSport for the next 5 years. The channel also announced plans to establish a dedicated magazine show out of Zambia, which will do much to raise the profile of the league on the continent.

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