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2017 – We’re Ready for you!

The year has kicked off with a bang at One Africa Television. After some serious and necessary changes were made to One Africa Television’s staff structure, we are glad to announce a number of exciting new developments for 2017! …

Our advertising rates remain unchanged

With our Government tightening it’s coffers and food and fuel prices forever climbing, we’ve all felt the pinch. At One Africa Television we believe “When times are good, you should advertise, and when times are tough you MUST advertise!” We want to give you the same value for your money and much, much more for the same price! You can contact any of our sales people for our daily rates and special offers.

Our Sales Team

Barbara Taljaard Barbara@oneafrica.tv

Monica Iipinge  Monica@oneafrica.tv

Jamie-lee Van Schalkwyk Jamie@oneafrica.tv

Erna Brant Erna@oneafrica.tv

We’re converging 

No longer just traditional television! We are converging television with content which we will aggregate from various online sources. This means that we are bringing you local comments around hot topics from social media straight to your television set! Everything you need to know will be one click away! We are constantly engaging with our online users and television viewers through social media platforms and cellphone technologies. We want to give every Namibian, with or without a television set, a voice on local and international issues.

We are producing and airing new local content

Our local current affairs show, One Exclusive, plays out on Monday evenings at 21:00. Within the next few weeks we will add two new local programs to our repertoire. The “Millennials” and “Its a Wrap” are both produced in-house and deal with local community events and information, celebrities, fashion, sports and entertainment. We urge viewers and advertisers alike to follow our social media pages for more information.

We will broadcast the news in a brand new format! 

The News on One bulletin has drawn to a close, but do not despair. We are culminating our efforts to bring you the news as it happens! This means that we will broadcast snippets of local news throughout the day on both television and social media as well as on our website. Now we can reach you in real time so that you don’t miss a thing.

We urge our viewers and advertisers to tune into One Africa Television on DSTV Namibia’s Multi-choice package, Channel 284; GoTV Channel 90, NBC’s DTT set top box Channel 301 or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, @OneAfricaTV, and we are also on Instagram @oneafrica_tv. For more information, go to: www.oneafrica.tv, mail us at web@oneafrica.tv or call us at 061 2891500.

Thanks for watching One Africa Television.

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