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ABOUT…. One Africa Television is Namibia’s largest commercial advertising medium.

emblemIt provides quality programming and relevant local and international news to the population, and consistently delivers the largest audience of any commercial media company.The News on One evening bulletin draws prime-time viewership with quality, community news coverage in the greater Namibian urban areas, and is being watched more and more by prominent members of our community. (Read more…)

TAKE ACTION… and make a difference 

One Africa Television, under the auspices of the United Nations Orange Day, invites YOU, YOUR family, YOUR friends, even YOUR employer, to help bring warmth and happiness to orphaned babies; and mothers in need!
YOUR donations of baby clothes and baby supplies will be given to women and babies currently being sheltered by the Woman and Child Protection Unit.
Donations can be delivered either to One Africa Television at 79 Hosea Kutako Drive, or the MISA Namibia head office at 21 Johann Albrecht Street in Windhoek-West between
the 25th of February and the 25th of March 2015.
Orange is the color of Action, Action makes a difference!
For further details, Contact Alna on 0856211263 or mail her at: 
Tuesdays, 20:30
Mondays 20:30
I survived
Tuesdays, 21:30
Better off Ted
Wednesdays, 18:30
MR.Box Office
Fridays, 18:30
First Family
Thursdays, 18:30

The News on One is a reputable source of information for the Namibian nation. For your convenience, One Africa Television makes all it’s local news available here:

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