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Hot new programs on One Africa Television

How I met your Mother
Mondays, 18:30
Modern Family
Fridays, 18:30
My Wife and Kids
Wednesdays, 18:30
Flash Forward
Mondays, 20:30
Beats of Love
Weekdays, 19:30
The Yo! Music Video Countdown
Saturdays, 19:00
Travelling Unplugged
Sundays, 19:30
Lincoln Heights
Thursday, 21h30
7de Laan
Weekdays, 18:00
Video Vision
Saturdays, 20:00
Malcolm in the Middle
Tuesdays, 18:30
New Girl
Thursdays, 18:30
Perfect Partners
Fridays, 22:35

More Bang For your Advertising Buck

The statistics on this page are deduced from the Vision Africa 2015 Media Metrics Survey.

Vision Africa, a full-service marketing and stakeholder research company in Namibia, conducts the media metrics survey every year.

Running for the 8th consecutive year, MediaMetrics has become the de facto standard for media consumption and awareness in Namibia. It is aimed at all stakeholders with an interest in media consumption and media preferences in Namibia, offering affordable, reliable and accurate information about target audiences’ viewing, listening and reading habits and preferences.

The core of the study looks at socio-demographic info and media consumption (print, radio, TV and outdoor), but includes other measures like top of mind brand awareness, information on sport, entertainment and leisure, as well as cell phone and internet usage.

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